PSYBO NUTRA ACTIVE provides the option of product return and refund, provided the product is in good and resale-able condition. If you find a product defective, you can email us at

As a customer, before returning the product, you must ensure that the product is intact, in good shape and condition.

The product eligible for return should be returned based on the following criteria or should satisfy the following criteria:

The product should be unused and in good condition.
Product seal, packaging, label, tags, logos and boxes should be in original condition.
Once this eligibility criterion is met, you can repack the product and send it back.
Product exchange or replacements are subject to the stock availability of that product. Also, the product will not be exchanged unless it reaches us.
The product has to be packed properly while returning the product, making sure it reaches back in good condition. It is the responsibility of the customer to return the product back (even if the courier person leaves your place). When the product is returned, inspection will be done to ensure everything is intact and then exchange for the product or refund will be initiated.
Products will not be eligible for return under the following conditions:

Damaged products/ misused products/ opened/ used
Products returned based on flavours/ disliking/ stomach upset/ headache/brands/ refused by your physician/wrong product ordered/ multiple products ordered by you or your family members and any other personal reasons/problems. Please consult with the doctor before buying the product
Products without seal, box, tags and without packaging accessories and material.
Note: For any exchange or refund of products, the customer has to take action within 14 days from the time of delivery of the shipment, after which the product will be marked as sold and no form of return, exchange or refund will be initiated. The customer can return the product at HN. 600 3RD FLOOR, CARNAL BAG, MAHAL, NAGPUR (MAHARASHTRA) INDIA -440032

Refund against returned product will be initiated only once the product reaches back to PSYBO ACTIVE in its intact original condition as it was while it was dispatched. All and any kinds of refunds will take a minimum period of 14days from the time the product reaches back to its original destination in case of returns or from the date of order placed in case of order cancellations.